Testimony - Workshop  
BLR-2 Running Form Workshop

1. Ravi Raman
I have just been running mindlessly for years. Now I know what is the right way to run and I will re-start as a runner and definitely avail the mentoring after some months. My advice to beginners is to learn proper technique and don’t make my mistakes, and hope the experienced runners will have an open mind and enroll too.


2. Parthasarthy NS
I chose to attend Run with Ash 2-Days skills workshop top improve my running form and herein seek to improve my timings. I hoped to identify mistakes in my present form and have a plan to correct them. I would say that the Workshop addressed these requirements to a good extent though I am unsure if I will be able to put in the practice to make the new skills come naturally. Runners will definitely benefit from participating in future Workshops though some may shy away given its premium pricing.

3. Ajit Thandur
I attended this workshop of Ash to correct any inherent faults in my running style and so make it more efficient as I wish to avoid injuries. The video analysis of my existing running form pointed out some clear faults that I will work upon, and the new technique that I learnt about beating the hills was an eye opener. Overall it was a great experience and I will recommend this workshop to all.

4. Gayathrie M.

Essentially I wanted to learn about running technique from the best, and that was Ash. The workshop opened my eyes to becoming a stronger, a better runner and I really wish there is a follow up some months later.

5. Narayani D.

Simply put, I attended this workshop as I wanted to know what I wasn’t doing right. I want to run effortlessly and enjoy my experience but haven’t been able to. To a large extent my needs are met though I will need to practice the lessons to truly realize them.

6. Aishwarya S.
I attended as I am injury prone and expend too much energy in my running. I wanted to know what it was that I was doing incorrectly as my form is poor. This workshop revealed tips on how to run light on my feet and I am eager to put them to test. And definitely recommend to all to attend as everyone needs some help in their running.

7. Chandrasekaran S.

I knew that I had some flaws in my technique but didn’t know how to correct them and so enrolled in this workshop by Ash. The contents of the workshop across these 2 days as apt and I am a very happy runner now. Any one reading this should take note and enroll at the earliest as every day passing is a day lost.




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