BLR-2 Running Form Workshop

8. Narayan Pai

Attending this workshop by Ash is my investment in my future running as I want to run long into the future without injuries. So having an expert analyse my running form was a key task and I am totally satisfied with this 2-Days Skills Workshop. Recommend anyone seeking to improve to give this workshop a serious thought.

9. Prantik Dey

I wanted to learn the basics of running properly and how to maximize my energy so felt that attending this workshop would pinpoint flaws in my present running form and minimize my injuries. I got more than I expected. Others should undergo this workshop to have a healthy running technique. Overall a great running experience!

10. Ravi Shenoy
I wanted to attend to get my running form validated with ways to improve upon my running. Having undergone this 2 days workshop, I know my areas for improvement and realized that counting strides is useful to stay focused. Recommend to all runners and hope Ash will share material with us

11. Ranganath J

I chose to attend to improve my running form and to understand what it would take to make me run effortlessly and stay injury free. I came into the workshop with an open mind and walked away more than satisfied. Actually the workshop exceeded my expectations and the video analysis was especially useful. My advice to others - don’t hesitate to join the next workshop.

12. Santosh Raman

I wanted to learn what I could do to run more efficiently, and become a better runner. Now having undergone these 2 exhaustive days, I have a good idea what areas to improve upon and just need to work on them. Others should seriously join future workshops and polish their own running style.

13. Kumara Raghavan

Despite 5 years of marathon experience, I haven’t seen the desired improvement in my timings and so took the leap to enroll in this workshop. I wanted to understand the mechanics of running form and ways to apply that knowledge for my self improvement. My expectations were exceeded, thank you Ash. Workshop was well organized, a mix of theory and practical and I am now looking forward to making the improvements in my running form.

14. JP Gowda

I attended to improve my speed and remain injury free. To learn how to use different parts of the body and run in a systematic manner. 100% expectations met! And recommend to others to join asap. Just wish Ash would organize workshops more frequently.

15. Vijay BS

I enrolled to improve my running form and face fewer injuries. The workshop met my expectation fully and I am happy to have learnt things that will hold me in good stead.   

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