Ashok Nath (Ash) – Running Evangelist  

If ever there was a Celebrity Runner in India then it is Ash. After nearly three decades in the corporate world, lastly as COO of a Brand Consulting firm, Ash was driven towards entrepreneurship and founded Catalyst Sports which operates in the knowledge space. It focuses on Workshops on Running Form and Training, Mentoring Assignments and Contributory Articles on running and fitness.

His achievements in the field of running are truly inspiring. Ash is simply the best veteran marathon runner in India and a regular podium finisher at the 10k and half marathon. And, he usually wins on the rare occasions that he opts
to participate in the Ultra marathon distance.
When you consider that Ash is in his 50’s, it’s no wonder that he is an inspirational figure to runners across India.

But what really sets Ash apart is his success at the big races.

  • He is a seven-time consecutive Boston Marathon Qualifier, the iconic race that is commonly termed the “Olympics for Amateur Runners”.

    o In 2013, at age 50 he broke the sub-3 hour barrier for the full marathon
    at the tough Boston course!
  • He is the fastest Indian at the Comrades Ultra-Marathon (89km) at South Africa, a race that is called as the “Ultimate Human Race”.

    o He broke the Indian record for this race by more than an hour!
  • He is a three time winner at the StanChart Mumbai Marathon, which is recognized as India’s flagship running event

    o Incidentally, he is twice runner-up in this race as well

And Ash is a regular podium winner across most domestic races across all distances.

Never one to sit on his laurels, Ash has set his sights still higher and is targeting to do a 2:40 - full marathon in the years ahead (this time translates into a 2:16 marathon on age equivalent basis) and win a silver medal at the Comrades

Ash actively promotes “proper running form” which he attributes is a pivotal factor for his running success. He mastered this through an international certification program (this necessitated 3-months study program, followed by 4-day Workshop in Germany and over a full year of diligent practice). This, together with his voracious appetite for reading on the subject, keen observation skills and hands on experience as a competitive runner, has made him the “lighthouse” for matters related to running.

All this apart, what is equally important is his support for runners seeking guidance, his stellar role in the establishment of India Amateur Runners Trust and his pivotal role in the production of “Two Feet To Fly”, India's pioneering running documentary film. In the months ahead, we shall witness another pioneering film, “Run Sister, Run!” That seeks to encourage more women to follow their passion for running.


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