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Below is a snapshot of present services and fees:

Mentoring Program – Annual Engagement

“Give a man fish and you feed him for a day.
Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”.

This is the principle behind my Mentoring program and our engagement commences with detailed “data” compilation.

After all, Input -> Process -> Output

Runners will see an improvement in their timings, reduction in injuries and overall have a better running experience if they improved on key aspects (input) and followed a personalised training program (process).

Aspects to be assessed prior to commencing on any training programme
* Conditioning (strength - flexibility - stability)
A good physio can test you on these parameters and provide guidance. Some aspects may need further inputs from other professionals like your Fitness coach - strength trainer - yoga/pilates instructor and so forth

* Body Composition Test
Weight can be misleading. The simple Electrical Impedance device, available at better gyms & clinics, will reveal aspects like your body fat %, muscle mass and BMR which help to set fitness goals going forward

* Comprehensive Blood Test
Even if you eat right, exercise and eliminate bad habits, it's possible to have an underlying medical condition, nutritional deficiency or hormone imbalance that only a blood test can detect.
Data on Complete Blood Count - Lipid - Hepatic - Basic Metabolic - Hormones should be known. And, your Vit-D, C-Reactive Protein, Homocysteine & Magnesium levels as well.

* Resting Heart Rate
RHR is your HR measured immediately on awakening. It is usually several beats lower than normal HR. And, improvement in your RHR is the initial sign of improving fitness and a strong motivator to persist with your fitness regime.

* Running Form
A proper appreciation of your running form (Collision Dynamics and Postural Elements) will throw up critical insights into how effectively and efficiently you are running. And, to the expert eye, will provide direction on what aspects in training or fitness need to be focused upon to improve on your form.

All these Input data will reveal information that should be taken into account in the crafting of a safe and effective training plan.

To elaborate.

  • If you are (pre) diabetic then your fueling may need to be handled differently as the standard carb fueling may cause complications
  • If Fat % is high then improving on your muscle % to hike BMR alongside strategic "train low" and HIIT workouts may need to be incorporated
  • If Vit-D levels are low then you are at risk for bone stress, or worse. A simple supplementation regime will see an improvement and best addressed early

Smart approach is to use "pre-training and early weeks of training" (Base Phase) to improve on any "red flags" before intensity - frequency - mileage in training picks up (Build Phase).
My approach is “holistic” and I like to take the analogy of a jigsaw puzzle where various pieces must come together to complete the picture. This is the approach that has worked for me personally and kept me at the top of my game for years!

Mentoring Fee: wef August 2019 
• Year-1: Rs. 1,20,000 + 15% of race prize money 
• Year-2: Rs. 1,10,000 + 15% of race prize money 
• Year-3 onwards: Rs. 1,00,000 + 15% of race prize money

Terms: 100% payment in advance 

If you resonate with this approach, then please contact ashoknath38@gmail.com


Workshops are only undertaken “by invitation”.

And so a running group or a group of runner (minimum 12) must call to undertake a workshop for their members/themselves.

The workshop logistics, travel & lodging is borne by the organisers as per guidelines, with a fee towards my Intellectual Capital.

So if you would like to improve the quality of your runners, please contact ashoknath38@gmail.com

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