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Below is a snapshot of present services and fees:

2-days Running Skills Workshop
“Success comes from Proper Running Form & Training”. So, whether you are planning to race or just wish to improve your running life without niggling injuries, this 2-Days Running Skills Workshop is a must!

This 2-Days workshop will open your eyes to a new paradigm to running better. And, it doesn't matter if you are a novice or an experienced runner, young or old.

* DAY-1: “PROPER RUNNING FORM”. Proper running form is when you are run in a balanced state with all parts of your body engaged in a unified manner and contributing proportionately.

We start with a Skills Workshop which kicks off with a video recording of your present running form and then through a mix of theory, discussions and practical exercises, you are exposed to a paradigm-shift approach to running. You are required to practice these new taught skills so as to erase old muscle memory and may seek council on phone or email

* DAY-2: “TRAINING FOR RESULTS”. A key aspect of training correctly is to “personalize” your plan, doing workouts as per your dominant “muscle-fiber type”. You will feel happier and the results will quickly show.

Basis some select drills and your running data, we arrive at your Muscle Fibre Type (fast or slow twitch) and then reveal the science behind proper training to get you to understand the sequence to how your training should flow. Essentially we simplify the complexities of training by removing the guess work.

Fees: Ranges from Rs. 10000 to 12000
Terms: 100% payment in advance

Mentoring Program – Annual
“Give a man fish and you feed him for a day.
Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”.

This is the principle behind my Mentoring program and our engagement starts after you have done the Running Form Workshop. It commences with a detailed induction session leading to a comprehensive personalised Training Plan.

My approach is “holistic” and I like to take the analogy of a jigsaw puzzle where various pieces must come together to complete the picture. This is the approach that has worked for me personally and kept me at the top of my game for years!

Mentoring Fee
: Rs.1,00,000
Terms: 100% payment in advance
(On renewal Rs.75,000)

Road to Boston Mentoring Program

“Olympics for Amateur Runners”. Becoming a Boston Qualifier is not for the meek. Mere talent isn’t enough and you need to be ready to pay your dues. Many aspire but most fall short of making it to Boston. This is a goal worth pursuing but you need to go about it right.

Under this engagement, you get the best of what Run with Ash Mentoring promises, and more. So besides working on improving your body composition, learning proper running form, personalized training plans, nutrition guidance and general tips, you are assured of personalised attention, the right to exercise the option of asking Ash to “pace” you across your identified Boston qualifying race*, periodic training runs with Ash and frankly whatever it takes to improve your odds.

And, our journey doesn’t stop at achieving a qualifying mark but thereafter training for the Boston Marathon.

Fees: Rs. 1,20,000
100% payment in advance.

*expenses to be borne by the participant

Right of Registration Reserved.
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