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Below is a snapshot of present services and fees:

2-days Running Skills Workshop
“Success comes from Proper Running Form & Training”. So, whether you are planning to race or just wish to improve your running life without niggling injuries, this 2-Days Running Skills Workshop is a must!

Open your eyes to a new paradigm to running better and it doesn't matter if you are a novice or an experienced runner, young or old. Everyone will experience a difference.

* DAY-1: “PROPER RUNNING FORM & MENTAL PERSPECTIVE”. Proper running form is a mix of Postural & Collision Elements. The former allow you to run in a balanced state with all parts of your body engaged in a unified manner and contributing proportionately. The latter is what make the difference to your speed and injuries as only when your MSA, SAT, ROS and Magic Ratio are in the correct range do you truly run well. Faster and with fewer injuries!

Our Skills Workshop kicks off with a video recording of your present running form & collision dynamics. Then through a mix of theory, discussions and practical exercises, you are exposed to a paradigm-shift approach to running. Thereafter through mindful practice of these new skills, you erase your old muscle memory/poor habits.

* DAY-2: “TRAINING FOR RESULTS”. A key aspect of training correctly is to “personalize” your plan, doing workouts as per your dominant “muscle-fiber type”. You will enjoy your training more and the results will quickly reflect in your improved timings.

Basis select drills, your running data and some Qualitative responses, we arrive at your indicative Muscle Fibre Type (mixed, fast or slow twitch). And we reveal the science behind proper training to get you to understand the sequence to how your training should flow.

All participants get two detailed concise reports within a fortnight post the workshop

• Muscle Fibre Type and Training Advisory
• Running Form (Postural & Collision Elements) report with Remedial Drills

Fees: Ranges from Rs. 10000 to 12000
Terms: 100% payment in advance

Mentoring Program – Annual
“Give a man fish and you feed him for a day.
Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”.

This is the principle behind my Mentoring program and our engagement only starts after you have done the Running Form Workshop. It commences with a detailed induction session leading to personalised Training Plans on an ongoing basis for the duration of the engagement.

My approach is “holistic” and I like to take the analogy of a jigsaw puzzle where various pieces must come together to complete the picture. This is the approach that has worked for me personally and kept me at the top of my game for years!

Mentoring Fee: wef 2019
• Year-1: Rs. 1,20,000 + 15% of race prize money
• Year-2: Rs. 1,00,000 + 15% of race prize money
• Year-3 onwards: Rs. 80,000 + 15% of race prize money

Terms: 100% payment in advance

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