Mentoring Engagements

My mentoring program is best suited to runners who are self-disciplined, conceptually strong and able to train mostly on their own following a personalized training plan. Your present stature as a runner is less important as I will bring out your true potential. 
Consider this engagement if you want to maximise on your potential, understand the opportunity cost to your (training) time and wish to grow as a runner.
Time targets are a result of good input that has undergone the right process.

Yes, you will see a transformation but more than just in your running time, this change will be in your sheer knowledge and understanding of the science of running.


• Only “annual engagements” are undertaken

A runner is not built in months but over years. Most members are with RWA for 3 years, and some ever since inception

• Judge on the basis of Quality of advice, not Quantity of interactions

Precise inputs are based on research-experience-observation, and not loosely given

• You are joining a “community” of good human beings

Self-centred individuals have no place here irrespective of their performance achievements. You must be ready to contribute as the growth of the group ensures the growth of the individual

Low volume, high value business model
Implying that I intentionally work with few so that each can be given due attention. And this attention is holistic, beyond mere training as I understand that what you do the remaining hours in a day affects your training workout.

If you resonate with this approach, then please contact


“The market has grown, but largely quantitatively”
To improve on our running – whether to minimize injuries, to run faster or to simply have a more enjoyable running experience - we must be ready to “re-learn”. So open your eyes to a paradigm shift approach to running better & training smarter.

Workshops are only undertaken “by invitation”. A running group or a group of runner (minimum 12) must call to undertake a workshop for their members/themselves. The workshop logistics, travel & lodging is borne by the organisers as per guidelines, with a fee towards my Intellectual Capital.

Indicative program:

Day-1 (eg. Saturday)
5.30am – 8am: Warm up drills followed by a video shoot to capture Running Form (Postural Elements & Collision Dynamics) and then some muscle fibre determinant drills

8am - 9am: Refresh, breakfast and settling down in the hall

9am – 10.45am: Understanding the unique Collision Dynamics aspects of running based on the rules of physics. All shapes, sizes or gender are equally governed by these rules

10.45 – 11am: Tea break

11am to 1pm: Understanding the common running form aspects of Postural Elements, taught through a mix of theory, practice and interaction. And learn how to tackle the hills (up & downhill technique)

1pm – 2pm: Lunch and group pics

2pm – 3.45pm: Demystifying training by revealing the simple but precise Training Triad. This model enables you to understand where you stand on your key running abilities and so what aspects to work upon and how. It’s not a case of one size fits all as most training is undertaken

3.45pm – 4pm: Tea break

4pm to 5.15pm: Understanding your Muscle Fiber Type. This enables you to be realistic in your goals, appreciate what distance is your forte and further personalise your workouts 

5.15 – 6pm: Open House - Q&A session

Day-2 (eg. Sunday)
5.30am to 8.30am: Group drills to practice the new learning

Note: Post workshop, a participant can opt to receive one or both reports, at a fee

  • Training Advisory basis their muscle fibre type
  • Running Form analysis with remedial drills

So if you would like to improve the quality of your runners, please contact us at

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