“Goodbye Injuries, Hello Faster Timings”
Nearly 65% of runners annually experience some form of running related injury that affects their training, and their mind. Most doctors blame running whereas the truth lies elsewhere.

The root cause of most running injuries, and poor race results, are either or a combination of “poor running form & improper cookie-cutter type training”.
Humans were made to run, and our body is designed for long distance running. However, to improve on our running – whether to minimize injuries, to run faster or to simply have a more enjoyable running experience, we must be open to “re-learning”.

Open your eyes to a paradigm shift approach to running better and training smarter. Across the coming months, the following events are scheduled –

2-Days Running Skills Workshop

(a) MUMBAI-10:Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th January 2018

This is a two day “offsite” workshop, from 5.45am to 5.00pm both days, at The Club, DN Nagar, Andheri West.

Your fee covers workshop logistics, conference hall and projection, meals, videographer, workshop tee, detailed reports on (a) Muscle Fibre Type with Training Recommendations and (b) Running Form Analysis with Corrective Drills. And my fee towards intellectual capital

Program fee increases closer to the date, and capacity is only 30 on first come basis


Mentoring Engagements

Only “annual engagements” are undertaken and are suited to runners who are quick to grasp concepts and comfortable training largely on their own following their personalized plan. Your stature as a runner is less improtant

Note: It is mandatory that a runner have undergone a Running Skills Workshop prior to consideration

Presently only 3 slots are available

If interested, please contact us at

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