Running & Runners
In our over-digitalized and under-exercised culture, having a healthy passion like running is welcome. It is an activity that comes easily to humans and so appeals to people with otherwise cluttered lives. The result is a running boom with thousands of ordinary people taking to running to give more meaning to their lives.

Runners are a motley lot and if you see a gathering of runners, you will see a microcosm of humanity represented. For those few hours, background, demographics and social stature take a backseat. Yet despite tribulations, runners enjoy a healthier lifestyle, witness wonderful scenery and meet fascinating people. But most importantly, they transform into better human beings having gained new insights about themselves.

Running Landscape - India
In a far cry from before, running events have become commonplace and even quaint Auroville (Pondicherry) has been the host to a running race for several years. Runners are spoiled for choice and marathon tourism has slowly but surely coming in vogue.

It is impossible to give accurate figures for the number of runners in India because the sheer simplicity of running draws people who may not even consider themselves as runners, and definitely don't figure in any database. But while the sheer number of participants is modest in actual terms, the growth rate is encouraging and with the interest shown by sporting brands, this upward trend will continue for some time.

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