Q. Is proper running form really important for a runner?
Quite frankly, good running form makes you more energy efficient which enables you to run faster, minimize injuries and have a better running experience. You will achieve your running goals faster without having too push harder.

Q. What can a runner expect if he improves his running form?
You will experience a new fluidity to your running that will make you feel emotionally and physically a changed runner. From enjoying your runs more, to faster recovery from workouts, to fewer if any running related injuries and importantly witness an improvement on your race timings on minimal effort. The only thing asked is that you adhere to gradual progression in your training and race selection.

Q. How should I go about learning proper running form?
Presently your body is accustomed to a certain (improper) running style and this has become ingrained in your muscle memory.

The process goes as follows: Undergo the comprehensive Running Form workshop followed by a “technique phase” where you need to practice and practice •If you have been diligent in practice then you will start experiencing a difference in a matter of weeks though the entire transformation will longer •Continue with mindful running and create fresh positive muscle memory •Now induct yourself into a structured training program •For best results, undergo the “Training for Results” workshop before jumping into a training program

Q. Why should a runner enroll for the Training for Results workshop?
Please appreciate that we are all unique, coming from a different background, running history and so forth. And that we have different “muscle-fiber type” composition. Given this, any “one-size-fits-all” approach is doomed even before it takes off.

The Training for Results workshop opens your eyes to your muscle type skew and empowers you with knowledge on what training tactics are better suitable for you. The results from applying the right tactics in your training will be easily seen.

Q. Some may opine that the fees for your Workshops are too steep?
My response is simple. I expose you to a whole new world of knowledge on running correctly, on training properly, at a price that comes less than what you would pay for a good running shoe.  

Also, I am hoping that this attracts only serious participants, irrespective of age, sex or experience. That the participants register with intent, pay close attention and then put in the required practice to undergo the transformation.

Q. Why do I need the services of a Mentor?
A good mentor will work alongside you and guide you in doing to the right training in the right manner, along with addressing the other important elements of nutrition, strength training, flexibility and mental confidence. You can do this in a trial & error on your own - as most runners are sadly doing without realizing that time is money - or simply cut short the learning curve by leveraging the experience of a Mentor.

Q. Why is there only an Annual Engagement offered for the Mentoring?
My purpose in our Mentoring Engagement is larger than merely enabling you to do  great race. The larger goal is to make you a better runner - speed is just one factor - by imbibing you with knowledge and techniques that will hold you in good stead far into the future. The Annual engagement permits for a broader development window between the Mentor and Athlete and enables us to set the right foundation while following gradual progression.    

Q. How is your Mentoring Service different from the Coaching offered by others?
There is some level of overlap but mentoring is largely relational whereas coaching is functional.
I operate in the “knowledge and not in the operations” space. I expect my Mentees to be mature adults who are seeking knowledge and skills from the engagement to become a better runner. Getting faster is just a byproduct of the engagement process.

After an induction session that gives me insights about the Mentee, a customized training plan is crafted that covers running, cross-training, strength, flexibility and nutritional guidance. Thereafter I expect the Mentee to walk the talk and share feedback for fine-tuning the plan to make it more efficient. Any runner expecting to be spoon fed or lacking discipline will be disappointed. But for those who are sincere and self motivated, the results are inevitable.  

Q. What is the procedure if someone wishes to enroll for any of your programs?
Workshops on Running Form and Training are held periodically, across India.
An event page is opened on Facebook and publically announced. Any interested participant can just make the registration fee to the listed company account – by cheque or online transfer – followed by a mail to ashoknath38@gmail.com confirming their action. A confirmation to the workshop will be shortly received.

As regards “Mentoring”, any interested participant should mail me on ashoknath38@gmail.com and I will follow up on a one to one basis. In both cases, I request participants to have spend some time on my website to appreciate my approach to running and training.

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