What is Mentoring Services
There is no dearth of free advice given by fellow runners, or online information, but very little is customized and often the source is itself questionable. Indeed, one of the main reasons why runners fall short of their running goals is due to poor counsel. Each runner is unique and to blindly follow what works for someone else or a given plan from the internet is only asking for trouble.

Therein lies the need for a Mentor.

A good mentor invests time to understand his mentee. It is vital to appreciate the muscle-fiber type of the runner as that will dictate whether the training plan follows a “Top-down, or a Bottom-up” approach. What are his responsibilities in life, personality type, running history and aspirations, any health consideration, body composition and so forth.

Basis their expertise, a challenging but realistic goal is set for the mentee which the two work towards intimately. Mentoring requires a delicate balance between gentle motivation and tough love, and is "relational" whereas routine coaching is "functional."

Run-with-Ash Mentoring
Most runners are capable of better timings with fewer injuries and overall more enjoyment from their running if only they were shown the right path. Successful distance running is all about energy management and if you have the right running technique then you consume (or waste) less energy and are able to maintain your running form longer. The longer you are able to maintain form, the faster and further you are able to run.

However, to be a successful runner, it is not sufficient to just train well. Think of a jigsaw puzzle and how various pieces must come together to complete the picture and so too when seeking to become a more complete runner. Training is vital but a Mentor will work with you on improving your body composition, flexibility, core, mental strength and finally proper nutrition.

In Run-with-Ash Mentoring, the goal is to associate with mentees for a quantum leap in their running – refer to Testimony. But this transformation can only happen
if both parties are committed, willing to work hard and go the full mile. No shortcuts.

Age, sex or running experience is not as important as the right mindset. Run-with-Ash Mentoring is intentionally a premium service because this ensures a level of sincerity in the engagement and is in line with the stature of the Mentor.

Post the engagement you are assured of being a more complete runner. Some runners will find it excellent value, most will find it exorbitant. I simply say that “quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten”.

Mentoring Timeline
Only annual mentoring engagement is available as my focus is to make you a better runner. Speed is incidental.

The journey starts post your participation in the 2-days Running Skills Workshop as it is important that your running technique be proper to maximize on the mentoring advice and that you have a broad understanding of the training roadmap. Thereafter, a “data-doc and a Questionnaire” to capture your present status on various abilities as required by a runner, will be shared. And basis a comprehensive personalized Training Plan will be crafted.

There are no set limits on the frequency of our interactions or inputs as we are a team working together for a common objective. Just note that I am a hard task master and call a spade a spade so keep any egos at home.

Requirements from a Participant
Full commitment, perseverance and the willingness to work hard.

Fees, Cancellation Policy and Payment Mode
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