BLR-1 Running Form Workshop (21st & 22nd Sept’2013)

1. Achal Khaneja
I wanted to get a better understanding of my own running style and ways to improve the same. Also, I wanted to train better with a greater return on effort while avoiding injuries. I needed to tackle the twin issues of tiring too soon and losing pace in latter half of all my runs. The underlying goal being to become a 1:50 half & 4-hr full marathon runner.

Post this workshop, I have gained a clear understanding of efficient running form and all its components. The insights I got into my own running style vis-à-vis the ideal has provided me a clear goal map for improving as a runner. The workshop has also enabled me to look at ‘My own running’ holistically and decide to focus on getting the form right. And get the shorter 10k and 21k runs perfected ahead of undertaking the full marathon. I know I will eventually meet both my half and full goals albeit with a time delay.

The program was well structured with a mix of theory, practice sessions and discussion enabling good understanding of its content and context. Thanks for all the help Ash.

2. Shailja Sridhar
I attended the Form Perfect - Race Ready workshop in Gurgaon with the intention
to learn how to run faster without injuries. I found Ash's approach very methodical and the video recording of our current running form before the workshop was very useful. Especially in light of what we learnt from the sessions. 

I learnt the importance of building up gradually, learning the proper form and working on core strength. I hope that I manage to include whatever I have learnt and improve my current form to achieve my running goals.

3. Priya Pabreja
With just a year and half of running under my belt, I went from doing a 2:29 half marathon to a 1:55. This happened through training hard but improvement was not happening any more. What was it that i was lacking? breathing technique, running form, ankle lift, lean, elbow swing? Some or all and I wasn’t sure. But what I was sure was that I had reached a point where it was not possible for me to improve unless I took care of most or all of the above.

I got introduced to Chi Running, and heard of Ashok Nath through a running buddy. The next plan was to get Ashok to conduct a workshop for us amateur runners in and FINALLY we got hold of him :-) we now know him as a passionate runner with great scientific knowledge on running skills.

The two day Skills Workshop was a great experience. I was completely taken in when Ashok told us how to tackle the hills. Honestly, it did feel strange, and difficult for my legs and arms to accept. Muscle memory I guess!! And the pelvic swing along with the speed it gives you just amazes me. Ashok says 'you just got to let that swing HAPPEN'. Well I hope to let it happen. Thanks Ashok.

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