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The training program came in when I needed it the most. Three things have been troubling me since last year. Firstly, I'm struggling with fatigue build up since my last ADHM. To deal with that everyone says run more train harder. I know I can't do that. Secondly, most of my friends are following three day training program from the book "Run Less Run Faster". It doesn't work for me and I see everyone getting results. I keep wondering where is the challenge?  Thirdly, when it comes to questions regarding- nutrition, gels, and other exercises a runner has to do ..... everyone has a diff answer.

So I keep wondering where are the answers???

Good I attended ur workshop. I understood the science behind fatigue build up, lactic acid, nutrition. But that's not all. I could also understand what kind of a runner I am and how I have to train specifically for me... I don't have to follow blindly someone's training plan.

18 months ago u taught us about science and art of running and corrected our running form. I have been injury free since then. With ur second workshop I will have a revised PB soon. Thank you again!!!! .... Nandita Choudhary, Gurgaon


I have been training using running plans for last year, but never bothered to customize them for my running abilities. It is important that we realize each of us are different and have different abilities and need to improve in different areas. Stock running plans probably can cause more harm than helping us.

Ash Nath's Training for Results workshop gave me insights on what makes up a running plan and how to build one on my own, customized to my goals and abilities. Recommended for anybody who is serious about running and want to approach their goals in a structured manner…… Aravind Ajad Yarra, Bangalore


Both of us attended the ‘Training for Results’ one day workshop in Bangalore on 28th December, 2014. We found the workshop quite useful with lot of take-outs.

First and foremost is the realization that in order to become a better runner and continue running for a long time, it is not sufficient just to focus on cardio training but improve other aspects as well; nutrition, body composition, flexibility and running form to have a holistic approach. Also what does one need to do to improve on each of the above areas was covered.

The second revelation was on the science behind fatigue – why it happens and what should be done to push the limits.

The third one was the awareness of what muscle-fiber type you are so one can create a training plan aligned to that.

Finally the biggest insight was the need to have a structured training calendar to match with one’s most important marathon events so you can perform at your peak level for that event and why one should avoid junk miles. Doing the exercise of creating a training plan at the end of the session helped to validate all the concepts learnt during the day.

The workshop is effectively delivered by Ash Nath, who is himself an elite runner imbibing the concepts himself and with his personal experience in coaching several marathon runners.

Suresh Kumar and Deepa Suresh Kumar (Barefoot running family)

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