Training for Results  

Most runners put in months of hard training but find the outcome isn't in line with their expectations. They walk away from races feeling dejected and the advice given by fellow runners is to train yet harder!

The simple truth is that you have not followed the proper approach to training. Most runners mistakenly jump immediately into Speed, Tempo and Long Runs without ensuring their Foundation Abilities are well established. Naturally the outcome is mediocre!

Next, runners all follow the same training. I mean that if you are targeting a 2-hour half marathon then you follow the same training plan as any other runner targeting the same. Makes sense at a basic level but not if you think deeper as you might be of a (primarily) different muscle fiber type.

What do I mean? Notice how some runners love speed workouts while some hate them. Some love tempo runs while some hate them. Some adore the long slow runs while others abhor them. And so forth for other workouts. There is a pattern to their behavior, and it stems from their muscle fiber type.

Nett nett, if you are training for what naturally suits you then you will enjoy your training, and see better results. Simple.

You may be surprised to note that I approach my long runs with some caution. I respect the distance and know that I need to scale up gradually as otherwise I risk bone stress and possibly even injuries. My approach is basically “bottoms-up” rather than “top-down” that would suit a natural endurance-slow twitch muscle fiber type runner.

And yet I am India’s leading distance runner? The answer lies in Training for Results. Learn about this and more at the workshop.
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