Workshop - Running Skills (Form & Training)  

This is a comprehensive 2-days workshop with Day-1 on Running Form, Day-2 on Training for Result. Both days are a mix of theory, discussions and practice for better absorption of the new paradigm approach to running. 

Proper Running Form
It is when you run in a balanced state with all parts of your body engaged in a unified manner and contributing proportionately. This ensures better energy efficiency so you don’t get tired as easily, the impact on your body parts is lesser for faster recovery and less likelihood of injuries. And you can run longer and faster.

Training for Results
Understand your specific muscle-fiber type (fast/speed or slow/endurance twitch) and train accordingly is my mantra. Each runner is unique and should approach his running goal in a different manner. So open your eyes to a new paradigm to Training and see a wonderful change to your running life.

Post the workshop, a WhatsApp group is opened though participants are welcome to stay in touch through email / messenger, and are admitted to a closed group on Facebook “Mission – Form Perfect, Race Ready”, as well

Whether you are a beginner, a novice or an advanced runner, it is never too late to learn to run better and past participants have ranged from 18 to 66 years.

Workshop Learning
Across Day-1 sessions on Running Form, you will gain exposure to

  • Proper posture
  • Coordinated body (upper, core and lower torso)
  • Proper breathing
  • Technique to tackle the hills (and downhill)
  • Running Gears & Cadence
  • Mind-eye focus skill
  • Pelvic Rotation

Across Day-2 sessions on Training for Results, you will gain exposure to

  • Training Triads. What are Foundation Abilities, Performance Abilities and how you fare on them
  • Knowledge on "fatigue – fueling - hydration" and so forth
  • Understanding "Muscle Fiber Type" and yourself
  • Insight into its implications on Training
  • Understanding of how a proper Training Plan should be crafted

Registration & Payment
An event page is periodically opened on facebook to announce a forthcoming workshop. Visit “scheduling” page on this site for details.

Cancellation Policy
No refund policy though you may postpone your registration to a future workshop provided sufficient notice is given.

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